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Back issues: issues 1 to 12 (WHILE STOCKS LAST) - POSTAGE FREE WORLDWIDE!

Image of Back issues: issues 1 to 12 (WHILE STOCKS LAST) - POSTAGE FREE WORLDWIDE!

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Issue 12 (Spring 2016). New poems by Josephine Corcoran, Kate Miller, William Bedford, Rebecca Goss, Carrie Etter, Alan Baker and many more. A short story by Helen Mort. Rona Cran on O’Hara and Ginsberg. David Wheatley on Ezra Pound. Dimitris Lyacos in interview. Artwork by David Corbett and others.

Issue 11 (Autumn 2015) Gustav Sack (trans. Peter J. King), Anna Saunders, D. A. Prince, Kate Miller, Ian Parks, Judith Willson. 'How do you feel now about your first collection?' feature, with Moniza Alvi, Mark Ford, Don Share, Michael Schmidt, Tom Pickard, Melissa Lee-Houghton, John Clegg and Alison Brackenbury. John Lucas on syllabics. N.S. Thompson on Adrian Henri. Artwork from the Damaged Landscape competition. And lots more!

Issue 10 (Spring 2015) Isabel Bermudez, Nicholas Murray, Matthew Sweeney, Lisa Kelly, Carol Rumens, John Greening, etc. Grevel Lindop on W.D. Snodgrass. Feature on ‘the perils of being a poetry reviewer’ with Clare Pollard, Jeremy Noel-Tod, William Logan, and others.

Issue 9 (Autumn 2014) Peter Daniels, Kathryn Daszkiewicz, Claire Crowther, Robert Etty, Anthony Rowland, Anthony Caleshu, etc. Articles on R.S. Thomas by David Whiting and Elizabeth Bishop by Tony Roberts. Dispatches from New Zealand and New York.

Issue 8 (Spring 2014) - Fiona Moore, David Wheatley, Becky Cullen, Gregory Woods, Peter Rawlings, Jo Dixon etc. Neil Corcoran on the poets of the 1930s, N.S. Thompson on regional anthologies, and much more.

Issue 7 (Autumn 2013) - John Ashbery, Sujata Bhatt, Carole Satyamurti, Daljit Nagra, John McAuliffe, Carrie Etter, etc. Jordan Wise interviews Li-Young Lee. Mark Ford on Hart Crane and Samuel Greenberg. Ian Parks on Chartist poetry. Tony Roberts on Randall Jarrell. Images by Kate Giles.

Issue 6 (Spring 2013) - Sasha Dugdale, Christopher Reid, Matthew Welton, Daryl Hine and many others. Tony Roberts on Robert Lowell. Nikolai Duffy on Rosmarie Waldrop. Images by Sarah Kirby, fiction from Jonathan Taylor, and a whole lot more.

Issue 5 (Autumn 2012) - Sinead Morrissey, Sheenagh Pugh, R. S. Gwynn, Richard Robbins, Alison Brackenbury, etc. Will Cordeiro on Mark Strand. Sophie Mayer, Jane Yeh and Kate Clanchy in conversation, etc.

Issue 4 (Spring 2012) - Carol Rumens, Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Ian Parks, Sarah Jackson, Evan Jones, Julith Jedamus, Chris Preddle, Clive Watkins and many others.

Issue 3 (Autumn 2011) - Patrick McGuinness, Medbh McGuckian, Tim Dooley, Andrew McNeillie, Rose Kelleher, Michael Hofmann, David Mason, Abegail Morley, Mary Jolley and many others.

Issue 2 (Spring 2011) - Alice Oswald, William Logan, J.M. Coetzee, Carrie Etter, Iain Bamforth, Helen Tookey, Martin Stannard, Martyn Crucefix and others.

Issue 1 (Autumn 2010) - Leontia Flynn, Mark Ford, Andrew Motion, Tom Leonard, Alison Brackenbury, Timothy Murphy, David Mason, Gwyneth Lewis and others.